Touring the Five Boroughs with Kids aka Our Five Borough “See You Later” Tour

On the bus en route to Wave Hill, this is classic Elias. Thanks for the pic Holly!

Okay, so it’s no secret, leaving New York City is hard for me.  This country girl always dreamed of living in the city, and New York City was at the top of my list.  If we ever left New York, I thought it would be for another major city, but really, I couldn’t imagine leaving. Selling our apartment was somewhat easier to picture as I could absolutely see us getting a brownstone, or a three bedroom, or even a 2 bedroom with 1.5 bathrooms (we jokingly call the toilet in a cinderblock closet bathroom in our laundry room “Adrian’s bathroom” and I can’t tell you how many times we have wished for a second bathroom in our apartment!). But, leaving NYC was not really part of my plan.  As hard as it can be, I love it here and some days still have to pinch myself to see if living here is really my life.  Anyway, since we I thought we’d be in New York City forevah, I have amassed a list of places I planned to visit “someday”.  Well, someday is  5 weeks from now basically here, so we are stopping by some of our favorite spots and making time to visit places I have always meant to go. Here are our highlights from touring the five boroughs with kids.


Riding the 7 to Queens-my phone takes terrible pics, but this is the only one I have from this trip…

SriPraPhai-I first learned about this yummy Thai place on an opera singer listserv before I moved to NYC.  So, for a decade I have meant to try it…talk about procrastination!  The 4 of us rode the 7 train to Queens (highlight of 2016 for Samuel!) and enjoyed an amazing lunch. It was our first stroller-free outing with Elias and we learned our lesson.  With a passionate 2 year old who has huge emotions, dramatic tantrums, immediate needs for sleep, and an overwhelming desire to run, strollers are a GIFT.  We have a newfound love for our umbrella stroller


The best selfie we could manage on the Staten Island Ferry
The view from the ferry never gets old

Staten Island Ferry-On a grey, drizzly Saturday the boys and I headed out for this old favorite. Samuel is an old hand at this ride by now, but it was Elias’ first time.  Between tantrums, rain, and a tired mommy, we didn’t make it outside the ferry terminal in Staten Island, but the boys liked their Dairy Queen lunch and any day when you get to ride two subway lines and a ferry is tops in their book:-)



IMG_20160521_100054 (1) IMG_20160521_100045

I couldn’t have scripted these moments at Wave Hill if I wanted to…

We headed out to Wave Hill Saturday with a dear friend and her daughter. Wave Hill has been on my list of places I always meant to go, but I never quite made it up there.  It is stunning and I wish we had started going there much sooner!  The admission is a wallet friendly $8 per adult, but Saturday mornings turned out to be free so that was a bonus.  Then there was a family art project as well, so the boys enjoyed stories and painting.  YAY!  The gardens are simply lovely; the views of the Hudson are just as gorgeous as you would expect; and, there were no crowds. The cafe was yummy (we were a little early for their lunch specials, but the chicken pot pie smelled AMAZING!) and it’s very convenient with bathrooms, snacks, activities, and lots of places to play.  There was a little kerfluffle with the kids running on a patch of seeded grass, but even that was handled in a pretty chill way. We may try to stop by again before we move, it was that lovely! Predictably, the boy’s favorite part of the trip were the bus and subway rides to get there. Adrian tends to drive everywhere he needs to go, but it is going to definitely be an adjustment for the boys and me to drive instead of taking the bus or subway.


Jane’s Carousel-“Mommy I wanna ride the wagon” Okay buddy:-)
Jane’s Carousel-How handsome is he?

Brooklyn can feel far from us so we don’t typically trek out there, but we made a special trip for a very special friend and former coworker’s daughter’s 4th birthday.  The party was at Jane’s Carousel at Brooklyn Bridge Park and you really couldn’t have asked for a better day, Sunny, breezy, warm but not too hot….and we had such a fun time!  The last time I was at Brooklyn Bridge Park was probably 5 years ago and that trip included Grimaldi’s Pizza and Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (yum and yum!).  This trip, Samuel picked his fave, Shake Shack, and of course it was also delicious. Such a fun and special day, and how much better can you get than riding a gorgeous, restored carousel overlooking the river and the Manhattan skyline.


My evening view from our corner when I walk Max

This one is a little trickier as we are mostly just trying to visit our favorite parks, playgrounds, street corners, bodegas, bakeries, and take-out joints, as well as spend time with friends and in our building’s lovely courtyard. We do have three fun adventures planned in June though.  Stay tuned for trips to the American Museum of Natural History (Elias’ first time!), New York Philharmonic Concerts in the Park (seems like a fitting, full-circle way to end our time living here since I moved here to work for the Phil), and to the top of the Empire State Building (this is definitely at the top of Samuel’s list).

Cathedral of St. John the Divine is always a favorite for Samuel
Elias loves to swing, and swing, and swing, that’s pretty much the only time he stops running

We have a list of other places we would love to go, but will probably have to save those for visits back.  Feel free to post your favorite places for touring the five boroughs with kids as we would love to add them to our list:-)

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  1. All your pics are so cute!!! This must have been so bittersweet for you guys! It reminds me of Eric’s and my Chicago Farewell Tour, which we greatly enjoyed documenting. 😉 So glad you’re enjoying your last weeks/months there and giving your boys such great experiences.


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