The Quest for a Narrow Counter Depth Refrigerator

Narrow Counter Depth Refrigerator
Our Favorite Narrow Counter Depth Refrigerators


Since this current fridge hanging into the garage “solution” is not going to work for our kitchen (understatement of the year!), we are on a quest for a narrow counter depth refrigerator.  I know our friends Carrie and Andy are on a similar search, and since it was hard to find an comparison on our favorites online I thought I would share my obsessive research here.  TADA!, you’re welcome:-)

If we had space for a 36 in wide counter depth fridge, we’d be just fine. The challenge is that  we really need a fridge that is narrow AND counter depth. We are waiting to get our fridge until we know how many inches we capture in our bump out into the garage.  We LOVE our current fridge which is a french door, freezer drawer on the bottom, fits gallons of milk on the door, narrowish, counterdepthish Whirlpool (I think it is 28 in deep and 33 in wide) that I got on craigslist two years ago for $250. But, it is staying here.  If we gain enough space in the bump out at our new place, we would absolutely get a newer model of this fridge or one of similar size, but I think we will be sticking with a smaller fridge (because, spoiler alert, I think we are only going to gain about 4 inches) .

So, where to begin?


Check your measurements carefully, as some width measurements include doors and others do not.

  • “counter depth”  24 inches or less
  • “apartment depth” 24-29 inches
  • “standard depth” 30-35 inches


For our purposes, we know we can fit a 24 inch fridge. We are pretty sure we could go up to 30 as is.  Anything beyond 30 is going to be a nail biter depending on how much space we gain in the bump out.

  • 24 inches or less
  • 25-29 inches
  • 30-33 inches
  • 34-36 inches


Many of the narrow, shallow fridges gain space by adding height…they look tall, and skinny, and supermodel fabulous, but can be a challenge if you are trying to fit into an existing opening. We can go as tall as we like since we will be putting in a whole new kitchen.

  • 66-70 inches is standard
  • 71-80 inches can be found on the tall, skinny fridges


This is definitely a place where you pay more for the smaller package.  Yikes!  These tiny fridges can really break the bank but there are also some deals to be found.


Smaller fridges seem to get more negative reviews and less positive reviews online.  They seem to be finicky, expensive to repair, brands with which repairmen are less comfortable, and overwhelmingly their ice makers seem to fail.  When I called a repairman to see if they would work on these brands, his main recommendation was to get an extended warranty and check exactly what it covers before you make any purchase.

Our criteria

We are looking for a reliable 24-29 in deep, 24-30 in wide refrigerator with freezer on the bottom for under $2000.

fridge Fagor inside

Fagor CS1650 I have a friend with this fridge and she is really happy with it-but she’s only had it for a few month. At a spacious 23.4 inches wide, 26 inches deep, and 79.8 inches tall, this fridge is a lovely column. At $2149 this is just above our price range but it is definitely a contender.

fridge haier inside

Haier HRF15N3AGS looks great and the size and price are amazing!  MSRP is $1800, but I have seen it as low as $799. 28 inches wide, 26.5 inches deep, 71 inches tall, and the french doors mean that it takes very little room to open. But…like all of these fridges, the Haier seems to get pretty poor reviews for reliability and scheduling repairs/submitting an warranty claim is supposed to be very difficult according to online reviews and the repairman with whom I spoke. Depending on the warranty terms, this may be a contender for us as it is the perfect size, configuration, and price.  The only thing  (besides reliability!) that could make it more of a winner for us would be the ability to fit gallon jugs on the door.

fridge liberherr inside

Liebherr CS1650 at 29.6 inches wide (they also have narrower models), just under 25 inches deep, and almost 80 inches high, this is a great fridge in terms of size. Online reviews seem to indicate that the ice maker is especially prone to breakage and mechanical failure and that there is a gasket/drain in the fridge that periodically needs to be snaked and cleaned or the fridge will stop working. At a hefty $4499, this is way out of budget for us, but we found one on craigslist to consider for $850. Also, some versions of these seem to be able to fit a gallon jug of milk on the door (WIN!). But the reliability issues and lack of warranty for a craigslist purchase make me hesitate.

fridge summit inside

Summit  FFBF181SS is just 23.63 inches wide, 25 inches deep, and 78.5 inches tall. It is available at Home Depot for $1445.50. But, it is smaller than some other models we are considering and there are many reviews about reliability challenges and warranty/repair issues.

Fridge Samsung 33 interior

Samsung RF18HFENBSR this one may be too big for our kitchen, but it’s our top contender if it will fit! 17.5 cubic feet, 33 inches wide, 28.15 inches deep (not including handles), $1099 at Home Depot.

Fridge Samsung interior

Samsung RB12J8896S4 is a tall skinny fridge at 23.2 inches deep, 23.4 inches wide, and 75.87 inches tall. It’s available at Home Depot, but beyond our budget at $2996.10.

Search Tips

We found AJ Madison to be a super helpful site to search on height, width, and depth, as well as price. They have many brands (check out the cute vintage-esque Smeg, sleek Fisher and Paykel, and super expensive Thermador too!) and their search function seems to be the most funcional.  many big box stores and other online sites have issues winnowing their stock based on width and/or have varying classifications for “counter depth” so be careful if you click that as a search parameter. We did not always find that AJ Madison always had the best price, so once we found numbers for the models we liked, we searched google, craigslist, and big box stores to compare prices.

Check back in July to see what fridge we pick:-)


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