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2016-04-15 (3)


Ever wish you had a handy place to keep track of everything you need to buy, borrow, or find in the basement before you start a project?  Well, here it is! Just download this convenient free printable DIY Project Shopping List to help you stay organized so that you can focus on what matters (keeping all your fingers intact while using power tools, and finding the perfect color paint:-)

We close on the Cape next Friday (YAY!) and then will be camping out there for a week tackling our first round of projects:

  • Stripping all the wallpaper (I have never soon so much wallpaper, it is endless!)
  • Prepping and painting all the walls (yes, all of them, the only rooms that will be spared for now are the downstairs powder room and the kitchen)
  • Removing the carpet
  • Sanding and refinishing all the floors

As you can imagine, we need some serious help keeping this all organized and getting ready for our first trip to the big box store.  Since most of our other time working on the house will be weekends, we don’t have time to waste at the store. We need a clear list and need to have everything we need so that we can get to work.  It’s already going to be complicated since we have to wrangle the boys while doing work. I have visions of the boys tracking paint across newly sanded floors, and surprise trips to the ER (really hoping neither of those are true!).  We are filling out a page for each project, and then making a master shopping list for each trip to the store.  Hopefully this means we’ll have everything we need to just dive-in each weekend.

This list has been a life-saver for us and I hope it is for you too!

Printable DIY Project Shopping List

P.S. If you like this, check back next week for my printable Paint Color Planner and DIY Kitchen Renovation Shopping List.

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