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2016-04-16 (8)

Adrian and I are so excited to make our new house (aka “the Cape”) a home.  We have been pinning, and clipping, and clicking, and planning, and visiting stores, and feeling samples to find exactly what we like.

Great news, we have found a design that we agree on for almost all the rooms.

Not so great news, we have Dom Perignon taste on a Coors Light budget.


Pottery Barn Manhattan Club Chair Recliner

Restoration Hardware Balustrade Coffee Table

Crate & Barrel Rhea Rug

Roger + Chris Basel Sofa (in Cannes Pavo Velvet)

Izmir Vintage Rose Fabric

Benjamin Moore Montgomery White

Mercury Glass Lamp (I had this one pinned but am not sure where it is from, this one on Amazon has a different shape but a similar look)

Great, one room done, right.


Our budget for the living room (sofa, rug, recliner, coffee table, lamps, curtains, mirrors, art, photos, etc.) is $3300 including tax and shipping.   We are dedicated craigslisters, dumpster divers, ebayers, and diyers.  We think our budget of $3300 for the whole living room is huge, and this will be the first time we’ve ever bought any living room furniture new, but the items above are at least $6000 including tax and shipping, and likely more depending on the options we would choose. So, we are going to have to leverage our diy/discount/craiglist skills to furnish our living room.

Here’s the plan, check back later to see if we get the look we want within budget.  The challenge is on!

Living Room Plan

-Purchase the sofa new–this will be by far the largest part of our budget. The sofa will be almost $2000 including tax and shipping.  This is our biggest splurge item for our new house.  I have searched high and low and can not find a sofa I like as much with this level of quality construction for anywhere close to this price.  It is a big step up from our current furniture, but I think it is worth it and a good value.  This will be the focal point of the room and should stand up to our  heftier frames and active little boys. Here’s how I decided on the sofa.

-I found the recliner at a moving sale in our new neighborhood for $300!!!!  Cross your fingers all goes well with the sale next week.

-One of the first pieces of furniture I make for our new house will be the coffee table. Hopefully I will emerge with a gorgeous table and all my fingers intact!  I am afraid of power tools, have a general “dab of this, pinch of that” mentality towards most projects, and have never made anything out of wood, ever…unless you count popsicle stick creations in Brownies in the mid 1980s. We can learn together! I will post detailed tutorials and tips so that you can learn from my mistakes.

-The fabric is for window treatments and maybe a throw pillow. I am going to dust off my sewing machine to make curtains, a roller shade, or a roman shade. See above for my fears re whether this will turn out well.

-Adrian and I both really, really love the Rhea rug and I think it would hold up well to our messy, chaotic family (with two little boys, a geriatric dog, and living in the snowy, muddy, slushy Northeast, as you can imagine we are very hard on rugs).  This rug is all wool, so we could use our beloved Bissell Carpet Cleaner like we do all the time on our other area rugs; but, we had to pick between the rug and the couch as our splurge and we are picking the couch.  We are considering this wool/jute rug from West Elm as an alternative, or maybe just a basic bound edge sisal rug. I am also scouring craigslist, ebay, and the greater world wide web for other high quality, low price options.

Before we can get to the living room decor, we have to do all the walls and floors.  Wallpaper must be stripped, walls must be painted, carpet must be removed, floors must be refinished.  I will post those inspirations and plans this weekend. I can’t wait to get started!

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