Ikea Kitchen Design Inspiration

IKEA Akurum Adel Kitchen

Photo by Tina Gallo at VHT Studios.

We did an Ikea Kitchen in our NYC apartment and LOVE it.  After 7 years it still looks great and we get compliments all the time.   We used Adel Akurum Medium Brown Cabinets, IKEA Beech butcher block countertops, the one and only Domsjo sink, and Elverdam pull-out faucet, and Asian Black floor tile from Home Depot, and a glass/marble/stone/slate tile mosaic from Home Depot for the backsplash.

What you can’t see in this picture is the amazing floor to ceiling, 24in wide, pull-out pantry from Ikea that is hiding on the other side of the 33 inch wide, counter-depth french door fridge (love, love, love the fridge and pantry!!!).  This is our NYC kitchen.  we literally poured  blood, sweat, and tears into this and will miss it very much!

We’re going with an Ikea kitchen for our new house as well.   I can’t say enough how well our kitchen has held up, how easy it was to install, and how much we love how it looks.  Since our new place is a 1937 Cape, we want a modern, cottage-y feeling.  The new kitchen is small and has some awkward features (corner windows, multiple entry/exit points and doors, small footprint…), more on the design/layout another day as that deserves its own post! So, today, let’s just talk about the really fun stuff, design inspiration:-)

We fell in love with the Bodbyn cabinets and are going to use the grey for bottom cabinets and white/glass front cabinets for the tops. The walls will be painted the color of the white (really off-white) top cabinets and we are planning on a pale green arabesque glass tile backsplash, butcher block countertops, and a vinyl wood plank floor.

IKEA Bodbyn Kitchen


The flooring will be SMARTCORE Vinyl Plank Rustic Hickory.  We love how it looks and Adrian is sold on the easy maintenance.  I like how it feels on barefeet, that it’s not “clicky”, slippery, or plastic feeling, and that’s a super easy install. We are going to be using it for the basement, so it seemed to make sense to use it in the kitchen as well. The only other flooring we are really considering would be the same tile we had in NYC, but we think this will flow better with the rest of the house as it is all hardwoods.

The backsplash we are still finalizing, but will likely be this green glass mosaic tile (Bedrossian’s Mallorca Series in Message in a Bottle).

Countertops will be IKEA Hammarp butcher block, it is slightly thinner than their previous version, but hopefully will be just as great.  We love the warmth butcher block counter tops give to a kitchen and their easy installation and maintenance.  They are also by far the most affordable countertop option for us.  if money were no object, we would also consider soapstone which I love and we could potentially DIY install.  If our lifestyle were no object, we would also consider marble which I think looks stunning and is glorious for rolling out pastry and cookies. But, for our budget and active, messy lives, the IKEA Hammarp butcher block is the winner right now.

And we are absolutely going with the Domsjo sink and Elverdam pull-out faucet again. I cannot tell you how much we have loved these.

Our new kitchen will not have space for a floor to ceiling pull out pantry (sob!) and it is doubtful we will be able to get a french door fridge (another sob!) but we’ll have a whole post on alternative kitchen storage options and fridges for small, tricky spaces.  it’s a new world for me.

Our kitchen budget is $8,000 all-in (including cabinets, appliances, flooring, sink/faucet, lighting, window treatments, plumbing, electrical, and a construction project to fix the wall between the kitchen and garage (the current owners have their fridge hanging through an open hole in the wall into the garage–yep, you read that right!)

Follow along to see our progress and watch our kitchen unfold!


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