Tiny Kitchen Design with IKEA cabinets

Tiny kitchen rendering

We pulled the trigger yesterday and ordered our kitchen cabinets.  Yay! It has certainly been an adventure in tiny kitchen design, and I am sure the adventure is just beginning.

Our kitchen in the Cape was almost a deal breaker.  It is tinier than our NYC kitchen (bet you didn’t see that coming!) and has three windows which make designing the kitchen very tricky.  The current layout has no room for a fridge so the fridge is literally hanging into the garage through a raw hole cut in the wall. There is nowhere to expand internally as the kitchen shares a wall with the basement stairs, a tiny powder room, and the garage.

The garage is already an itty, bitty one car garage and in the super snowy Central NY climate, I really want a garage.  We did not have the budget or time to do an addition off the front or off the back of the house, and although we seriously considered moving the kitchen to the dining room for an open concept, I like having the formal living/dining room and wasn’t sure I wanted the kitchen to be quite that open. So, we decided to make the most of our tiny kitchen.

It feels like forever that I have been playing around with designs for our little kitchen, but really it’s only been about a month…a loooong month, where I spent entirely too much time on the IKEA Kitchen Planner and playing around with graph paper.  My mom loves this stuff, so I had her working on designs too.  The kitchen work area is 102 inches by 72 inches with a 30 in walkway (so essentially it is a 102 in square) and at the end of the walkway, there is a tiny “hallway”  that consists of the doors to the garage, dining room, and basement stairs–so three windows and four doors.  Tiny kitchen design challenge to say the least!

We wanted a full size dishwasher, as big of fridge as possible (likely 24-28 in wide and it needs to be counter depth), 24 or 30 in stove, over the stove vented microwave, and four items that we love from our current IKEA kitchen:

-a pull out pantry

-the IKEA Domsjo sink

-glass fronted dish cabinet

-15 inch low, medium, high drawer cabinet

I played around with U shape designs, Galley designs, and L shaped designs; tried corner, side, and center placement; and looked into appliances of all sizes.  The L shape was the clear winner as it was the only design where it seemed two people could possibly work in the kitchen at once.

Final Tiny Kitchen Design

We did not order the pantry or the over the fridge cabinet yet as we have to finish making some appliance decisions (that needs its own post:-) but we got everything else, including sink, countertops, end panels and trim, materials for the spice rack and pull out cookie sheet cabinet and 72 in of extra countertop for another project, for $1916.93 plus tax and fees.  The fees were a $40 “service price” that I think is pretty bogus and am certain did not exist when we got our current IKEA kitchen and an $89 delivery fee as we are having this all delivered to our storage unit and tax is whatever the rate is in NJ.

We went with the Bodbyn grey cabinets on the bottom and Bodbyn white cabinets on top, the Domsjo sink that we love so much and Oak butcher block Hammarp countertops.

We currently have the Elverdam pull-out faucet and it has been great. We wanted something similar, but with a spray feature and a little extra something.  When we found the Moen Brantford on sale on Amazon for the same price we got it.

We have lovely floating cork floors Original Accents from Wicanders and small green Pharsalia arabesque tiles for the backsplash as well.

I think it is going to be a marvelous transformation!


2016-05-15 (7)


kitchen rendering


  1. Christy Briggs

    Sounds amazing, I can’t wait to see the after pics! Our NYC kitchen is so small we call it a “one butt” kitchen, there is only room for one butt to be cookin’ in there! Glad you can at least have a two butt kitchen up north. Loving the blog, you guys are an inspiration!


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