DIY Restoration Hardware Balustrade Coffee Table


DIY Restoration Hardware Balustrade Coffee Table Inspired by Ana White

I’ve been holding out on you:-)  I first saw the Restoration Hardware Balustrade coffee table last summer and I fell hard.  The curvy legs, the chunky top…it was at once elegant and sturdy…pretty for me, functional for Adrian, and durable for the boys….plus, I have a soft spot for balustrades. They always remind me of the “summer cottages” in the Berkshires, the Hudson Valley, and Newport, RI.  This was a win on all fronts, but at nearly $2000…for a coffee table…no way, no how, would that gorgeous balustrade coffee table be coming into my house.  Ever.

But, thanks to my trusty friends Google and Ana White,  I learned that we could make this amazing statement coffee table for about $250.  Still an investment–I mean let’s be real, nearly all our other furniture is from craigslist or Goodwill.   For goodness sakes, we typically buy PREOWNED IKEA furniture b/c I think full IKEA price is too steep:-)  But I loved the original Restoration Hardware Table and it seemed pretty straightforward, so we ushered in the New Year by building my dream coffee table.  Here it is in all its freshly sanded glory, our DIY Restoration Hardware Balustrade Coffee Table.

We followed the really helpful plans from Ana White and House of Wood, ordered the gorgeous curved legs at Osborne, scaled the plans to the size we wanted, and sorted through the wood at Lowes to find straight(ish) boards with graining we liked.  Confession–I messed up my measurements first time out so we had to go back for a second load of wood, but even with that we still came in under budget.

Adrian made it his personal mission to sand and stain this table and it’s gorgeous!  Buttery soft, with a subtle sheen, and a lovely weathered finish.  The boys are also, ahem, “working hard” to assist in creating an authentic distressed character just like the original Restoration Hardwood Balustrade Coffee Table.

We LOVE it. Our DIY Restoration Hardware Balustrade Coffee Table is the perfect size for our living room, looks exactly how I wanted it to, can stand up to our exuberant boys, and is extra special to us b/c we made it.

Tips and Details

We followed the Ana White and House of Wood instructions pretty closely, just adjusted the dimensions to fit our space.  We finished with 1 coat of Minwax Special Walnut which was quickly wiped off, 1 coat of Minwax Weather Oak left on for 3-5 minutes and then wiped off, and 1 coat of Special Walnut/Weathered Oak mixed 50/50 that was wiped on and off. We followed with 4 coats of Minwax Wipe-on poly (this stuff is awesome!) sanding between coats with 220 grit.  As usual, we had Lowes make the cuts for pretty much all of the wood.  it saves us time at home and makes the project seem way more do-able for us.

The only things we wish we would have done differently were to make sure that the end grain of the blocks the legs stand on  were all oriented the same way b/c the end grain absorbs stain differently (aka darker), and we would have sanded the bottom shelf and the blocks before attaching as they were tricky to sand once attached.

Try it!  Making furniture is pretty fun and can ensure it fits your style, taste, and budget:-)  We seem to have found a new hobby.

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