Quick Update-DIY Floor Sanding


It’s been quiet over on this little blog, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve been eating bon bons and putting our feet up. Au contraire mon frere!  DIY floor sanding has been happening like gangbusters.

Last weekend Adrian spent Thursday-Monday at the Cape sanding all the floors.  I mean a.l.l. the floors–all three upstairs bedrooms, the upstairs hallway, downstairs entryway, music room, and living/dining room.  He still has the final two grits to go on the living dining room and some corner edging and then we can apply the Pallman’s Magic Oil.  I am so excited for that!

The boys and I were here and  if you have ever spent a weekend working full-time and taking care of a 7 year old and a 2 year old (who recently decided 4:40 am is when the day starts!), you know that wasn’t exactly a walk in the park–though we had a lovely party with my favorite mommies and babies.  We became friends in the weeks after our babies were born two years ago and just  look at these precious “babies” now!

20160507_192633 (1)

photo by the lovely Holly Hester-Reilly

The party was wonderful.  Hanging out on the roof is always my fave, though it’s a little more stressful when wrangling a toddler!  But, the real excitement of the weekend was the sanding.  Adrian sanded his little heart (and back, and hands, and glutes, and feet, and hamstrings, and wrists, and everything) out.  Just look!!!!!


The floors are a lovely (red) oak, but were quite unevenly worn, stained, scratched and generally had seen better days.  And in the upstairs, there was the carpet/carpet pad situation which resulted in black spots all over the floor that were impervious to scrubbing and scraping.


Kind of amazing that a sander could take this worn, weathered, water stained, dull, uneven floor


to this smooth, satiny, glorious, bright goodness.


I can’t wait to get up there Memorial Day weekend to complete the sanding, finish the floors with Pallman’s Magic Oil, and get started on the kitchen!

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