My country boys
It almost looks like they are holding hands…instead of bickering over who is closer to the chickens that are just out of the frame which I think was what was actually happening…

Hello, anybody out there?  I’m sorry to have fallen off the face of the earth.  The past month has been overwhelming to say the least.  Between packing our entire apartment, moving across the state, going back for a second load the next day when the moving truck proved to be too small even after some extreme purging, immediately jumping into a gut kitchen reno, a broken laptop, starting two and a half other reno projects (deck, sunporch, and prepping for basement:-), Adrian starting medical school, the boys and I going on a two week beach vacation with my family, Elias going to the ER while on vacation, closing on the sale of our NYC apartment (sob), buying a mini van on the way home from vacation, an unexpected rewiring of the whole kitchen, a business trip for me to Atlanta, and several pressing work deadlines, I am now recouperating from pneumonia (in case you were wondering, pneumonia + drywall dust=awful).  The antibiotics seem to be kicking in and hopefully I am on the mend.

We also sadly had a miscarriage in June. I am not quite sure what to say about it, but wish that people in general talked more often about these kind of experiences so I’ll just say, even though it was early in the pregnancy, we are both still working through some sad and tender feelings.  We are open to talking about it, but if you go there with us, please be extra gentle.

Overall, there has been zero time for blogging, but I have so much to share-kitchen, deck, sunroom, basement..!  I’ll try to send some updates this week.  It’s been so long I forgot all my passwords and had to reset them all…

Instant garden
Our little one pot tomato and herb garden from Nananne

In the meantime, my two children have gone semi-feral during country excursions, are loving daycamp (but not as much as mommy-I LOVE DAYCAMP:-), and would spend all day everyday outside.  Their favorite activity is fighting over who gets to pick the ripe tomato on our tiny cherry tomato plant (Nananne for the win, thanks for giving us a little “garden” this year), thank goodness a new crop is about to ripen, and they both got haircuts.  Daddy cut Samuel’s and mommy cut Elias’.  They are thrilled as it means less hair combing in the mornings and I.can’t.even, they are so stinkin’ cute!  If I ever figure out how to edit video for the blog I will post it here, otherwise, you’ll just have to come visit:-)

Knock, knock…who’s there? I Yeyilas Rhodes
Is it just me, or is he 7 going on 17?